道格拉斯·艾丽曼的线上买球app哪个好用集团 Real Estate’s mission is to market your property to sell for the highest price possible, within a time frame that fits your plans and make the process as efficient, 没有压力,尽可能成功. 迈克尔光, 线上买球app哪个好用集团和经纪人协会的创始人和所有者, is licensed with the National Association of Realtors (“NAR”) and the Miami Association of Realtors. Michael is also the Senior Director of Luxury Sales and a member of the exclusive Sports & Douglas Elliman的娱乐部门. 

为什么选择Douglas Elliman的线上买球app哪个好用集团

MiamiLuxuryHomes.com + The Power of Elliman + International Partnership with Knight Frank

When you choose to market your property for sale with a member of the top-producing 迈阿密的豪宅 Group at Douglas Elliman, 你不仅能得到道格拉斯·艾丽曼公司提供的所有优势, but also a first-hand benefit from an exclusive international partnership with Knight Frank住宅, 世界上最大的线上买球app哪个好用咨询公司, and you have utilization of The 迈阿密的豪宅 Group’s exclusive website, MiamiLuxuryHomes.com, which is one of the most trafficked luxury real estate websites in 南佛罗里达.


Privately founded and owned by Broker Associate 迈克尔光, MiamiLuxuryHomes.com has been named the #1 private website and blog in Miami AND the #15 luxury real estate website in the country by an independent California-based firm. Further, the site has become a leading news source regarding the Miami real estate market and has been referenced in hundreds of articles by leading news outlets around the globe including The Wall Street Journal, 《线上买球app哪个好用》, 真正的交易, 洛杉矶时报, 雅虎和Mansion Global, 举几个例子.

关于Douglas Elliman & Knight Frank住宅 

成立于1911年, Douglas Elliman has grown to become the most reputable luxury real estate firm in the country. 作为纽约市场的领导者, 南佛罗里达, California, Connecticut, 科罗拉多和新泽西, Douglas Elliman closed more than $26+ Billion in real estate transactions in 2017 making it the 3rd largest residential real estate brokerage in the country by sales volume. In addition, Douglas Elliman has strategically partnered with Knight Frank住宅 of London to extend their powerful real estate network to 在6大洲60个国家设有520个办事处. This international partnership allows us to connect you to the right buyer for your property, 不管他们住在哪里.

此外,道格拉斯艾丽曼线上买球app哪个好用已经重新想象其体育 & 娱乐部门, 其中只包括64个代理, out of 7,000+, 全美各地, 迈克尔·莱特就是其中之一. Douglas Elliman体育 & 娱乐是一种策划, sales division that provides an elite level of real estate brokerage services for clients within the sports and entertainment industries, 还有超高净值派对. Further, this highly-specialized and personalized division is comprised of real estate agents who have an extensive history of working with professional athletes and celebrities, as well as the reputation for tending to every need involved with their transactions.



  • 首先,确定你的需求
  • 构建并回顾适合你的优先级的营销计划
  • 准备和审查您的个人比较市场分析(“CMA”)
  • 制定有竞争力的定价策略


  • Have one of Florida’s premiere real estate photography companies compose a beautiful visual story of your home
  • Create custom physical brochure and digital brochures based on the results of our professional photographer, 手机买球软件排名的高级文案和平面设计师
  • Have one of Florida’s premiere videography companies create a unique video perspective of your home displaying the luxury lifestyle your home may offer to a potential buyer (select properties)
  • Digital marketing including placing property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) with professional photos, digital brochures and specialized descriptions; enhancing extensive exposure on Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Elliman.com和KnightFrank.com (select properties); feature on MiamiLuxuryHomes.com by creating a professional banner displayed on the home page and draft a custom article for the blog which reaches over 5,000 personal subscribers; implement a social media campaign; and pitch your home to a variety of media outlets (select properties)
  • Customized website, with a unique URL domain name, featuring only your property (select properties)
  • 电子邮件营销活动给真正的客户, Douglas Elliman’s internal company list and top brokers in Miami and New York City (select properties)


  • We will ALWAYS qualify any buyer who wishes to tour your home to ensure they have the ability to make the purchase
  • 手机买球软件排名永远不会用一个有锁的盒子来展示你的家
  • Arrive early for all showings to “open” the home making sure all lights are on and shades opened
  • Give private tours to potential buyers showcasing all of the aspects of your home
  • 与买家或他们的代理人保持联系, 演出后48小时内, 得到反馈并讨论可能的报价



  • Review and explain the proposed terms and any conditions or contingencies with you
  • 协商还价(如适用)
  • 起草最终合同及附件
  • 准备一份卖方净值表


  • 准备并分发应急日期截止日期表
  • 安排并参加所有的物业检查
  • 协助选择最适合您需求的线上买球app哪个好用律师
  • 协调买方估价(如适用)
  • 在交割日,安排并参加买方的最后参观
  • 安排并参加结案,以方便您和买家


迈阿密的豪宅 will not forget about you once the sale is complete. 无论是迈阿密还是迈阿密海滩的房子都可以购买或租赁, we will be here to assist you in the relocation process and answer any questions that you may have. 如果你要搬到其他州或国家, we will provide you a referral agent located in your final destination city.


整个销售过程中最重要的人就是你. Here are some of the ways that your contributions will guarantee a successful sale:

  • Maintain your home in presentable condition, specifically declutter your home
  • 灵活地让潜在买家看到你的房子
  • Be accessible, via phone or email, to your agent in the event an offer is received
  • 在展览期间保管好所有贵重物品
  • 如果可能的话,让你的代理人在你不在场的情况下带你参观你的房子
  • If present, use caution when speaking with a potential buyer or their agent to protect your negotiating position
  • 不要让宠物在展览期间无人看管
  • Inform your agent of any known property conditions that may impact its value
  • 万一有个潜在买家直接找你, 把你经纪人的线上买球app哪个好用告诉他们,以便安排看房时间. 为了安全起见,请不要让他们在没有陪同的情况下进入您的家


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